Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extreme couponing, day 2

Another successful couponing day! Today I went to Rite Aid and Target. I had also planned a trip to Walgreens to get the $30 Gillette products deal but they were sold out by the time I got there. I might take a look tomorrow morning if I can get up early enough but we will see. I have already dedicated 3 full days to this. Okay, so right into it. Here is what I got at Rite Aid:
So I messed up today and I paid the price for not being more careful. On my first transaction I was supposed to buy batteries to make a total of $30 of PG&E products and I forgot it. I had intended to use the $10 in +up register rewards + the $5 +up rewards from the Veet for my second transaction but all I got from my first transaction was the $5. Oh well, live and learn. That single deodorant on the far left was actually from the second transaction (I will explain on the second one). I still feel really good about this purchase though because I got 4 full size BONUS deodorants on 4 of the ones I bought. Here is how it worked out:
  •  Buy 2 Veet products, receive $5 +up rewards. 
           -  $2 in ad coupon
           -  $1.00/1 and $3.00/1 and a $2.00/1 MFC coupons
           - The Veet products were $6.49/ea (I had wanted the ones that were $4.49/ea but they were out)
           - I paid $4.98 out of pocket and received $5 in +up = $0.02 money maker
  • Buy $30 in participating PG&E products, receive $10 in +up rewards
            - 4 body wash ($3.50/ea), 4 deodorant ($3.50/ea) (and one pack of batteries I forgot)
            - Used 2, $1.00/2 and 4, FREE Old Spice Body Wash when you buy Old Spice Deodorant
            - Paid $12 (should have been $17 w/batteries)

So I paid $20.75 with tax and received $5 in +up rewards.

Transaction #2:
Even though I didn't spend enough on transaction #1 to get the $10 +up, because I used my wellness+ card (free at Rite Aid), I still got the $10 +up on my second transaction! The card tracked my purchases which is AWESOME. Here is how it broke down:
  • One Old Spice deodorant, regular sale price $3.50
  • Buy 3 American Greetings cards, get $3 in +up rewards. (2 were $1.29, 1 was $1.99)
          -  $1.00/3 MFC = $4.57 spent, $3 in +up = $1.57
          - I just realized I didn't get my $3 +up on this :/ (I am going to see if there is anything I can do)
  • Buy 1 New Skin product, receive $2 in single check rebates (more about that later) It was marked as $6.99 but rang up at the register as $3.99 on sale.
          - $1.00/1 Any New Skin product MFC
          - Paid $2.99, received a $2 rebate = $0.99
  • Buy 1 Crest toothpaste, receive $1.60 in +up rewards, $2.57 sale price
          - $0.75/1 MFC = $1.82 spent, $1.60 +up = $0.22
  • Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor, receive $4 +up, $9.97
          - $4.00/1 MFC = $5.97 spent, $4 +up = $1.97

I paid $14.61 out of pocket after taxes and received $10, $1.60, $4 in +up and $2 in single check rebates.

And finally transaction #3:
  • Buy 1 Blink Tears, submit for a single check rebate of $7.99.
         - $2.00/1 and $1.50/1 Blink Tears MFC. Paid $5.99, submitted a $7.99 rebate = $2 money maker
  • Dial soap BOGO, paid $2.29. $2 in +up rewards = $0.30
I used the $4 and the $1.60 +up rewards from transaction 2 and paid $2.13 out of pocket. I received a $2 dollar +up from the Dial on this one and a quick survey that took me 5 minutes on my computer that gave me a $3 off of $15 coupon to use as well.

So all in all I paid $37.49 out of pocket, which is high but you have to invest a little money the first time. I have a $10 and $2 +up rewards to use next time and I have the $3/$15 coupon from the survey. I also submitted my 2 rebates that will come to $9.99. So with my left over coupons I have $24.99 if I subtract that from what I spent that's really only $12.50 spent for all of this stuff! Not too bad I think!

My goal for drug store trips in the future is $5 or less out of pocket each trip.

The single check rebates are rebates that you enter online and they go into an account with all of your rebates from the month. You can request a check once a month and the best time to do it is the end of the month so that you can be sure to get all your rebates back. They do expire so remembering to get your check at the end of the month is KEY. It is a painless process and the check is as good as cash and can be cashed like a normal check.

In the end even though I spent more than intended and made some mistakes, this was still a really good trip with amazing deals. According to my calculations I got about $80 in products for only about $12 out of pocket!

Stay tuned for my Target deal!

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