Friday, May 20, 2011

A beautiful outting with the family

On Tuesday since it was such a spectacular day, the hubs and I decided to go out and enjoy this rare treat. First we went to Discovery Park. We were going to hike but instead we got a pass to drive down to the beach.
Hunter was very excited!

The Discovery Lighthouse

Hunter loves posing these days

Um, Hunter? Heh

He spent most of his time throwing rocks

Cool sailboat

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Walking back to our car

After we were done exploring Discovery we decided to head over to the Ballard Locks. I have lots of fond memories of the Locks from my girlhood. My Papa was quite the sailor and he loved taking us out on the boat. It was one of my favorite places to be, on Papa's sailboat. It had this total 70's brick red, green and yellow interior and kitchy sailing decor. I loved every square inch of that boat. Especially the little nook right next to the ladder that led down to the cabin. Nothing like letting the waves lull you to sleep. Anyway so because it was Tuesday the Locks were happily quiet and quite beautiful.
Posing at the entrance

Ballard Locks

There were quite a few of this beautiful tree

Boats in the locks

The powerful fish ladder

Unfortunately these cool sculptures were roped off

I love the terraced lawns. Perfect place for a picnic.

Bubs <3

Gorgeous lawns. Prefect for a wedding!

He was hyper beyond control at this point

Stunning blooms
It was a magnificent day and now that the sun is coming out to play I am looking forward to many more.

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