Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remembering my wedding day

I just got done posting some more pictures of my wedding day. I love reliving it. Chris and I were married on August 22nd, 2009 at Countryside Meadows near Arlington. Over the course of engagement I planned many weddings with many different themes but the wedding we ended up with was absolutely perfect and low key. I had an amazing amount of help from my cousin Jessica, who acted as my wedding coordinator (couldn't have done it without her!) My wedding colors were red, white and aqua. My theme was pinups and polka dots. We got married at 1 in the afternoon with a reception immediately following at the same venue. Instead of cake we had cupcakes in our wedding colors (pretty sure I never got one... lol). The food was all casual snack food. It was a dry location so drinks were juice and water.

At the rehearsal Deanna gave me and my bridesmaids (Deanna, Morgan, Nikki and Bryana) the hair flowers she made for us. She also gave me the earrings she made me to wear. My gift to the girls was earrings as well. After the rehearsal we all went to Bob's Burgers and Brew. It was great fun. 

The day of the wedding I headed out alone to Vain to get my hair done. My hair stylist Kellianne did an AWESOME job. I headed straight from there to the venue to do my makeup with the girls. We had to rush a bit because my wedding was at 1. Getting ready together was great fun. We even snuck in a little liquid courage. My only requirement for my bridesmaids was that they wear either red or aqua and to be pinup-ish. They all looked so good! The med all wore slacks, white button down shirts and red ties. Chris wore the same except he had a vest and an aqua tie. Hunter was adorable in khakis, white button down, red tie and red chucks. Makenzi (my flower girl and niece) wore a cute red dress. Last but not least, I wore a vintage style tea length light blue dress with a red petticoat underneath. I wore red pin up pumps and my hair was done pin up style.

Once everyone was ready it was time to line up and head down the aisle. I remember that it felt like it just FLEW by. It was hard to really absorb everything. It was such a gorgeous sunny day. The garden area of Countryside Meadows was so beautiful. As I walked down the aisle I could see all the smiling faces of my friends and family and then up front I saw my bridesmaids, groomsmen, my officiant (and good friend) Zach and my soon to be husband. It was a touchingly personal ceremony. Zach was very eloquent. Chris and I wrote our own vows and they were very special. I managed not to cry though! I walked down the aisle to Bubbly by Colbie Callait and we walked down the aisle together to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.

The reception was great fun. We hugged everyone as they entered the building. I felt so so blessed for all the wonderful people in my life. After that Chris and I signed the marriage certificate. And then we were announced by Josh (Chris's groomsman). Everyone snacked on the goodies and cupcakes. I had an ipod hooked up to a sound system but there was no dancing or schedule. We just made our rounds talking to everyone. It was very low key. My tables had aqua linens and cute red and white polka dot overlays that Jessica (painstakingly) made. The tables all had white vases with red carnations and tea lights. I set out a questionnaire for everyone to fill out and color books and crayons for the kids.

Out on the patio we set up a photobooth area with a red and white striped sheet and props. It was the hit of the reception. Great fun. After the reception Chris and I went home to unload our presents and have a little alone time together. Later that night we met up with some friends at Snoqualmie Casino but we had to leave early since we had an early flight to VEGAS BABY!

All in all, even though it was very stressful planning and paying for our own wedding, it was a magical day. The only bad thing that happened was that our videographer didn't make it in time to film the wedding but we got lots of wonderful pictures. Thank GOODNESS for Deanna's mom, Deb. She saved the day by offering to be our photographer (for free!) when the one we had set up backed out. She did and INCREDIBLE job and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I also am so grateful to my cousin Jessica. I literally couldn't have pulled it off without her. And my parents were so helpful with helping set everything up. They also bought my outfit and watched Hunter for a week while Chris and I were in Vegas. We were so so lucky with how everything turned out.

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