Friday, May 20, 2011

New bed!

So last night was the first night on my new california king sleigh bed. It. Is. Awesome! This day has been a long time coming. I am deeply in love. Especially since it only cost me $350 for the frame, box spring and mattress. Here she is:
Ignore the ugly bedding from my old bed.

Of course Hunter had to get in on the action.
The frame is a little beat up but that is okay with me because eventually I am going to be painting it white. So far I have only bought sheets for it ($50 Calvin Klein 350 thread count, thankyouverymuch TJ Maxx!). I really want to go out and buy bedding but I can't decide what I want. Plus I feel that I need to save whats left of my cash for locating a dresser and end tables.

I have really been digging the shabby chic/cottage/vintage/retro look lately and I have been considering this duvet from Target:
Shabby Chic Blue Hydrangea
While this bedding would go well with the (eventual) white bed frame, it practically screams GIRL! And that just doesn't seem fair to the hubs. I need to find a way to achieve the cottage/vintage feel I want without having flowers everywhere. I really like this one from Potter Barn:
Pottery Barn
It is GORGEOUS and I want it bad! I just worry that the white duvet on a white bed frame will be TOO white. I definitely still want to incorporate colors no matter what. Some rosey pinks, soft yellows and aqua.

In the mean time I am on the lookout for a dresser like this one:
The Nester
I love the shape and lines. It feels vintage without being too atomic or stark and all it needed was some white paint to make it shine. I'd like to find something hardwood like this but under $100 (this one cost The Nester $20 at a garage sale!).

As far as the night stands I am still undecided. I know it has to have drawers, or at least one drawer. I like night stands, small dressers and console tables for this.

Tomorrow morning I am off to some garage sales on my search, wish me luck!

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